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12 iun. 2013

Chatte's Gossips has moved!

Hello, everyone!
I come with a quick, short notice to let you know that Chatte's Gossips has moved and starting today you'll find everything at another address.
If you still wish to read/contact me, you can do it at the new adress:

Thank you!

Yours truly,

3 apr. 2012

When are they going to start blaming the... humans?!

I won't babble around too much about this picture, because it speaks for its own. I'm just asking myself the same thing as Cesar Milan does.
And if you consider that Cesar Milan is out of his mind asking himself this, than you must be some sort of retarded. If not, than don't worry, you're a normal man.

End of story!

If you are asking yourselves why am I talking like this, calling names and stuff like that, well let me tell you that I've decided that from now on, I won't be gentle to those who really don't deserve the minimum of innocence presumption.
So, as I was saying, not too much speaking, I'm just gonna leave the picture speak for itself!

30 mar. 2012

Media's effect over youngsters lives.

Here I go again, picking-up on the media, lol. Some of you might be asking yourselves "Doesn't she have anything better to do than write about the media all day long (or night, haha!)?".

Well, I've noticed this tendency on me, but oh well, this is what I feel I should write about, this is what I'm writing about.

And yes, of course, the subject I'm going to be talking about has been many time discussed about, but I still feel that  I something to say about and I'm going to do it.

So, the thing is pretty much this: anorexia and bulimia. Yes, these days is very much discussed about by every type of media channels: newspapers, TV shows, magazines, on the radio and so on and so forth.

OK, I agree, every media channel is talking about it, that it's a bad thing, people could get killed about this - especially young girls because they are the ones pretty much affected by this thing -, which, of course, is a good thing. We need to prevent things like that from happening, I once more agree, but - and why do I say but?- there's a little error somewhere over there.

Aren't the media channels that promote all over these types of silhouettes? Weren't them the ones that raised these skeletal figures to the rank of beauty? Them and, of course, the great designers.

And so, the social environment we're living in is condemning you if you're not like 90-60-90 or something like that, calling you God knows what types of names. And then, you start to feel marginalized.

Let me be clear from the beginning, I'm not saying about me - because some might come with the idea that I'm feeling complexed about this, no, for your unhappiness, I am not! I'm neither perfect, neither too in the low self-esteem area -, I'm saying this because I've seen so many cases that it absolutely shocked me!

What happened to the times when women like Marilyn Monroe were considered sexy?! Nowadays, in order to be considered sexy you must be a piece of board like? What happened to the feminine shapes? Because in the end, that's what made us known as the representatives of the beautiful gender - as they say here in my country, don't know if on other sides they call it like this.

Nowadays, in order to be able to wear something nice, you have to be like XXS sized, because the great designers all they do, is promote these kind of models. The best example is the well known brand Victoria's Secret which, from models with shape, now they promote anorexic ones.

Here we have some examples gathered over the internet.

 Look at Candice how terrible she's looking!

Now tell me how can girls nowadays, not feel social pressure when all these kinds of models are promoted all the way? 

Have someone thought about this? I am sure that they did, but many more just don't give a sh*t! It's sad, we live in a world that, mainly, we don't give a sh*t, as I was saying, about the person next to us. We're like in jungle. At least animals, well, it's their nature to hunt themselves, but what about people? Aren't we supposed to be more caring?!

Anyway, girls, boys - because, yes, it can happen to boys as well, feel yourselves comfortable in your own bodies!

Of course, I'm not saying in case that you're over weight fall into the other side, eat until you get to God knows what no. of pounds! - yeah, that's possible as well, but that's a thing I'm going to be talking another time.

When you look in the mirror, actually see yourselves, not what you have taught from the TV that you look like!

I am back!

Yes, I am! Back in the business!
After I've been missing for 10 months, I am back. I won't start to list all the reasons I've been missing, all that matters is that I AM BACK!

And I'm still the same, I still love animals, I still have things to speak up for, I am not here to shut up, as I've never been.

What am I going to be speaking of? Well, this post it's going to be, again, as you probably will guess, about animals.

As probably most of you have heard - since this is all over the news in my country and, I bet in other countries as well, Mickey Rourke came these days in Romania to shoot for his next movie. Well, this is a great news but, not the main one. While he was walking on the sets and got to know our beautiful sight-seeings, Rourke noticed also, one of our biggest problems: stray dogs.
Well, guess what he did! Yeah, you've probably guessed it by now, he adopted a dog from our country, named Fox or Foxy - something like that -, and he is planning to take it to Los Angeles. And this is not all! Mr. Rourke will build in the near future a shelter for strays in Romania! 
Yes! Once again it's proved the fact that we have to wait for others to come and do our job. 

What was interesting about this whole story surrounding Mickey Rourke's decision, is not, of course his decision of adopting a dog from our country, noo! It's the media's and public reaction!

Of course the media, after times and times of instigating people to animal abuse trough their news, now they're all like: "Wow, way to go Mickey!" No sh*t?! - excuse my language!!
I so don't stand this falsities! I mean, damn, an year ago they were all instigating to hate and when somebody dared to say something to them they were all being evasive and didn't admit a damn thing and now they're all applauding Rourke's decision. Of course it's a damn thing to admire this man for but, please! Stop with faking!
Why don't you, instead of any time you promote violence, stupidity, brainless people, sex and so on, don't do some educational TV Shows? But noo, they keep going with that same sh*tty excuse that this is what the people ask for? Oh, please, stop the bullsh*t! We, the not so brainless people, know that as a matter a fact, you're the one inducing into people's minds, God knows what things!
Simple, Media is a mass-manipulation tool. Period! But for some brainless people is hard to understand that, isn't it? So they use that as an advantage, of course.

The second interesting thing, as I was saying, was the people reaction regarding the subject. Thanks God, there were some actually persons that admired the actor's deed and said that we should all do the same, but as I told you, we are surrounded by, mostly, brainless people, lots of them were like: "He should take them all and get us rid of them!" - the moment I was like *God, forgive me, but give me a gun in this moment, I have some a$$holes to shoot!*

I don't get it! - or I do, but I still don't want to admit it; most of us are so used to pass the responsibility to others, because we are lazy a$$es, and instead of making ourselves processes of consciousness, it's easier! We throw the responsibility to others and feel ourselves guilty-free! It's easier, isn't it?

I am soo, but soo got tired of these type of people!

For God's sake, grow up! Start taking responsibilities, try to make the world around you a better place! I know, it's not that easy to do it, but little by little we could change this freaking world we're living in!

Or I'm too idealist and day-dreamer?!

24 mai 2011


Mulți poate mă consideră nebună pentru că îndrăznesc, de cele mai multe ori, să iubesc mai mult animalele decât oamenii.
Și-a pus cineva, vreodată, întrebarea simplă: DE CE?
Ei bine, am găsit filmulețul care dă un răspuns perfect la această întrebare!

Așadar, înainte de a mă judeca pe mine, uitați-vă la voi și uitați-vă mai bine la rasa umană...
Toate cele bune!

17 mai 2011

Slaughter of the wild horses in the Danube Delta, Romania.

Guess what, our authorities are doing it again! This time, not the dogs, the wild horses...
I won't be long in telling stories, I'll just let you read this:

Dear friends, I know, this is horrible...bad news after bad news...but please....please...HELP...
We just found out...literally meaning JUST FOUND OUT, one hour ago, that starting tomorrow MAY 17, 2011 they will start the ROUND UP and the transport to SLAUGHTER of the famous wild horses who live in the Letea Forest in the Danube Delta....for , maybe hundreds of years....Yes, they have multiplied...there are about 4,000....this is not an astronomical number...YET Romanian authorities have come up, AGAIN , with the only solution they are capable of : KILL THEM ALL...

Please take a look at this documentary...please stand by the people who try to save them...Please forward this note to all HORSE RESCUE ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD...this can not be allowed to happen...

And take a look at this paradise, in the Danube Delta, which they want to STAIN WITH BLOOD
Please read about the Natural Park LETEA, in the Danube Delta in is home to extraordinary wild they want to MASSACRE THEM...and they have a genetic material recognized by scientifics...the only horses who grow longer hair in winter...they can live in very rough condition...they are a they go after the horses too..

There's a letter, if you want to send...


SUBJECT : Please STOP the round-up and the slaughter of the wild horses in the Danube Delta

Dear officials.

We just found out with stupor, about the decision of local authorities in the Galati county,  to start the round up and the SLAUGHTER of the wild horses who live in the renowned natural Park The Letea Forest, th the Danube Della.
We are appalled by these kind of decisions, to slaughter animals, taken recently by Romanian is beyond our understanding WHY   other, more civilized and humane measures are never taken in consideration by Romanian Authorities when it come the over population of animals, of any kind.
It is very obvious that Romanian authorities are prone to KILL animals, rather than develop and implement programs which will help solve these situations in a civilized and humane manner as expected from a country in the EU in the 21st century.
We are aware of the treasure these animals represent , as described in the videos linked bellow: We kindly ask the Romanian Authorities to immediately reverse their decision and to consult with International Animal welfare organizations, Romanian Animal Protection Organizations, specialists , and to find another solution to let these animals live in peace in their natural habitat. We are determined to expose the way Romanian treats animals, all over the world, and we are also determined to boycott Romania, because such barbaric treatment of animals is unacceptable in the civilized world.
In the last couple of months, Romania took front stage , around the world, with the HORRIBLE treatment of stray dogs...who Romania continues to, Romania decided to also KILL all WILD HORSES...
Please, dear Romanian officials, look at these videos...and think again...all you do lately is to DESTROY...

Please read the information given by Mr. Stefan  Raileanu about the wild horses from the Danuve Delta :"Caii semisalbatici sunt prezenti in �ntregul areal al Deltei, iar in ultimii ani au devenit o problema destul de mare si un subiect de controversa, din cauza inmultirii lor. In Letea, caii sunt o problema pentru padure, zona protejata de stat, intrucat rod scoartele copacilor, ceea ce duce apoi la uscarea lor. Unele estimari indica in jur de 2500 de cai in areal. Altele - in jur de 1000. Din cauza ca au crescut un timp indelungat fara supravegherea omului, acesti cai au dezvoltat unele obiceiuri caracteristice unor animale semi-salbatice. Este greu sa te apropii de ei, caci se tem de o oameni si te simt imediat ce ai �ncalcat o distanta de siguranta. Fiecare grup este condus de o pereche ce are grija de restul turmei, iar cea mai mare autoritate o are armasarul, care este si cel ce da semnalul de retragere, cu un scurt nechezat sau cateva lovituri cu copita in pamant. Uneori, cand simte ca turma e amenintata, armasarul fuge intr-o directie, pentru a-i ademeni pe atacatori, iar iapa conduce restul turmei in alta directie, mai sigura. Caii din Letea s-au adaptat conditiilor dificile de hrana, iernilor grele si verilor toride. Pe timp de iarna, parul de pe corp le creste de 3 ori mai repede decat al cailor obisnuiti. In plus, au dezvoltat abilitatea de a metaboliza mai bine celuloza, iar asta le permite sa reziste chiar daca au de mancare doar scaieti si uscaturi. Alti cai ar avea dificultati in a supravietui in aceste parti. "Caii din Delta sunt singurele exemplare care mai dau rusticitatea speciei. Astazi, caii de sport pierd rezistenta la boli, la frig si capacitate de efort in conditii suprasolicitante. Vor veni vremuri cand acesti cai vor reprezenta o comoara zootehnica, o baza genetica importanta ce va repara tot ce pierd rasele specializate. Vor fi din ce in ce mai putine locuri in care se vor gasi comori zootehnice ca acestea. Aceste cabaline sunt o minune si nu trebuie sa fie privite ca niste daunatori", spune Stefan Raileanu de la Institutul National de Cercetare si Dezvoltare Delta Dunarii.
It is beyond our understanding how the decision to KILL these animals has been taken...
Please, take note about this broadcast on international television about these wonderful animals you intend to KILL..

We thank you for the time accorded to read this petition and we still hope that the Romanian authorities will bring back their own country in the 21st century, in the civilized world.
Please also take note of this petition
The time has come for the Romanian Government to honor the membership of Romania in the EU, and to solve all problems regarding animals overpopulation, based on the principles stipulated in the International Conventions and Treaties Romanian has signed and ratified.

Thank you very much for your attention.

TO :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


ro,,,,,,,,, stiri@agerpres.r,,, webeuropalibera@rferl.or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ctp@gandu,,,,,,,

BCC(Please add some media from your country here ),,,,,,,,,,

These are the horses they want to slaughter...

6 mai 2011

Romania - Land of Death!

Yes, I'm sorry to say this about my own country but this is the cruel reality.
The president together with politicians and media all over the country transformed Romania into a country of animal killers, sociopaths, all you want; think of the worst example and you will find it in our country.

On all over the internet people that are trying to help those animals are telling how the neighbours, the authorities or any simple man are turning into crazy people.
For example, in Constanta, a friend of mine was telling us how her neighbours started to attack her and the dogs she used to take care. They broke the fence of the pen where she obtained authorisation to construct it so that she could take care of them, after that, they threw battery acid on one of the dogs, they threathened her and also they said that they'll kill all the dogs. Interesting, isn't it?
They are supposed to be HUMAN BEINGS with feelings, with empathy!
Well, guess what? They lack in all those things. When Princess Maja said that we are poor on empathy SHE WAS RIGHT!

Also, on Deva, some dog catchers killed in deep pain a stray dog they caught. Terrible images! Did the authorities did something? No, of course they didn't!

Also, Emilia Herescu, a well known vet instead of doing her JOB she built a death camp, where she catches dogs and let them die by starvation!

Another story happened in our country, where a horse was beaten so hard that he fainted. And you know that when a horse can't stand in its feet is pretty bad. Here you can find more about Little Grey as our friends from outside the country, named him.

Oh and there are so many other things happening out there and authorities do nothing.
But why do something? As far as I've heard like 2 milions from Romania's population must be decimated so if people are killing one another, is not such a big deal for our authorities. So, they promote violence, fights, crimes, cruelties as much as they can and turn the people on eachother that some, are able to become criminals. Imagine how discriminated and in danger are the animal lovers in our country right now!
Last year, a man was killed because he tried to protect a stray. Of course that in our hearts he remained a hero, but in the hearts of "those kind of people" he is just a scumbag.

So, yes, you can be killed if you dare to protect an animal. This is the real truth, the one NO ONE talks about!

So, indeed, Romania is the land of DEATH! Most of the people have turned in killers, thanks to our media and politicians!

21 apr. 2011

Manipulare totala a presei? Decideti voi! Revolutia islandeza.

Articol preluat de aici.

Am primit pe mail un rezumat al unui articol apărut în Spania, despre veritabila revoluție din Islanda. La știri bineințeles că nu a ”transpirat” nimic, căci nu se dorește ca modelul islandez să se propage.

În Islanda, tara in care guvernul a fost demis in totalitate , marile bănci au fost naţionalizate, s-a decis să nu se plătească datoria creata în Marea Britanie şi Olanda, din cauza politicii lor financiare rău intentionate şi s-a creat un grup popular pentru a rescrie constituţia. Şi toate acestea paşnic!

O revoluţie împotriva puterii care ne-a adus la criza actuală. De ce aceste fapte nu au devenit cunoscute de doi ani? Ce se întâmplă dacă alţi cetăţeni UE vor lua exemplul lor? Iata pe scurt istoria evenimentelor:

- 2008. Se nationalizeaza cea mai mare banca din tara. Se prăbuşeşte moneda, bursa isi suspenda activitatea. Ţara este în stare de faliment.

- 2009. Protestele populare din fata parlamentului fac sa fie convocate alegeri anticipate si provoaca demisia primului-ministru şi a membrilor guvernului in bloc.

- Continuă situaţia economica nefavorabila. Printr-o lege se propune rambursarea datoriei catre GB şi Olanda avand de plată suma de 3.500 de milioane de euro, o sumă pe care toate familiile islandeze ar fi urmar sa o plateasca lunar, pentru următorii 15 ani la, 5,5% interese.

- 2010. Oamenii ajung să iasa în stradă şi cer ca aceasta lege sa fie supusa referendumului. În ianuarie 2010, preşedintele refuză să o ratifice şi anunţa că se va consulta poporul. La referendumul organizat în luna martie 93% din voturi au fost impotriva acestei legi.

- Pentru toate acestea, guvernul incepe o anchetă pentru a rezolva responsabilităţile legale ale crizei. Începe arestarea mai multor bancheri seniori şi directori. Interpolul emite un ordin şi toti bancherii implicati pleaca din ţară.
- În acest context de criză, se alege o adunare pentru a elabora o nouă constituţie care să includă lecţiile învăţate în urma crizei şi pentru a o înlocui pe cea curenta, o copie a constituţiei daneze.

- Pentru a face acest lucru, se merge direct la poporul suveran. Se aleg 25 cetăţeni fără afiliere politică, din 522 care si-au depus candidaturile, care era necesar sa fie majori şi sa aiba sprijinul a 30 de persoane. Adunarea constituţională isi începe activitatea în februarie 2011 si prezinta un proiect de constituţie bazată pe recomandările poporului facute in urma a numeroase reuniuni din întreaga ţară.

Noua constitutie trebuie să fie aprobata de către actualul Parlament şi de cel care se va forma după alegerile legislative. 

Aceasta este o scurtă istorie a Revoluţiei Islanda:

- demisia guvernului în bloc;
- naţionalizarea băncilor;
- un referendum pentru a permite oamenilor să decidă cu privire la deciziile economice;
- închisoare pentru cei responsabili pentru criza şi rescrierea constituţiei de către cetăţeni.

S-a menţionat acest lucru în mass-media europeană? S-a comentat cu privire la acest lucru in talksourile politice? S-au văzut imaginile de la evenimente la televizor? Bineînţeles că nu...

Islandezii au fost în măsură să dea o lecţie intregii Europe, să se impotriveasca intregului sistem şi sa ofere o lecţie de democraţie intregii lumi.


7 apr. 2011

The stray dog business in Romania - by Codrut Feher, FNPA.

Read so that you can UNDERSTAND better what's happening in Romania!

Between 2001 and 2011 the Romanian animal control people have killed hundreds of thousands dogs by spending tens of millions of EUROs in public funds, while the number of stray dogs only grew larger.

For example, in Brasov, although there were only 4,000 stray dogs in 2001, the dog catchers managed to “kill” about 20,000 in 8 years. The only noticeable result of the “final solution” was the emergence of a classic mechanism of siphoning off public money, put in place by the local authorities and animal protection services in Bucharest and many other cites and towns (Brasov, Arad, Constanta, Timisoara, Ramnicu Valcea, Braila, etc.), authorities that came to realize that the mere existence of the that strays is a very profitable business for the following reasons:

- Budgets. 
Under the pretext of the “stray’s terror” generous budgets were allocated. The Bucharest do catchers spent about 13 million EURO in 7 years. The dog catchers in Brasov spent about 2 million EURO in 8 years. Overall it is estimated that Romania spent between 25 and 40 million EURO on strays from 2001 until 2008.

- The flexibility of the budgets. 
Contrary to the popular belief that fuels the anti-stray protests, the money spent on food for the strays was just a infinitesimal part of the budget, as the dog were being fed “subliminal” quantities, to quote the so called specialists from DSVA Brasov. Out of a total budget of 1,500,000 lei for 2008, the dog catchers in Brasov allocated only 5,000 lei for the dog food, less than 3%. Instead enormous gas quotas were approved. In Brasov, 4 rundown old cars with easy to tamper with mileage tracking systems were each allocated about 350-400 l of gas per month, which means each car did about 100 km/day. Land was rented for the municipality shelters, despite that fact that local authorities had land they could build on. In Brasov, the municipality paid in 8 years more than 1,500EURO/month (170,000 EURO in total) to the owners of a former swine farm that was in really bad condition and it also invested in modernizing the farm. All of this while it could have built a brand new shelter with 15,000 EURO on a land it owned.

About 100,000 lei were annually spent on tranquilizers and lethal substances, but nobody ever checked that against the number of dogs reported caught and/or euthanized. These substances were bought illegally (without prescriptions), used illegally (because the dog catchers got lazy and started to catch all dogs with tranquilizers, committing two felonies and one ?) and may have even been used or sold as drugs (Vetased, the most used tranquilizer contains ketamine, which is used as a drug and is legally considered drug since 2010).

In Brasov, the chief dog-catcher even got to buy his own jeep, a Mitubischi L200, for about 30,000 EURO, under the pretext of helping large animals, such as cows, pigs. Bears, rhinoceros or giraffes that might have wondered into the public roundabouts build by mayor Scripcaru. Rumor has it that the jeep is used in certain weekends by two local authorities in their hunting trips.

- The business of gathering dogs
Several mayors with business “abilities” transformed the local animal control departments into businesses that made money by catching and killing dogs from small towns that didn’t have their own shelters or by catching the dogs in a town without shelter and “hosting” the dogs in a different city, tens of km away. The corrupt mayors became so addicted to these profits that they imposed quotas on their dog catchers: the Brasov dog catchers hunted in 4-5 counties, bringing over 120,000 lei to Brasov’s budget. Most of the dogs were exterminated in the Stupini shelter and a small number were handed over to other cities that had shelters.

The whole operation was made profitable at the price of torturing the animals and breaking the Romanian animal protection laws. After loading up the dogs and before heading for Brasov, the Brasov dog catchers would be paid per number of dogs for capture, transportation, sheltering and euthanasia.

Since they were already paid and everyone saw them leaving with the dogs, nothing (certainly not their conscience) stopped the dog catchers from releasing most of the dogs on their way back to Brasov, to make sure that the problem continues and they are called back to “help”. Any animal lover would be happy to hear that, if they didn’t know that the dogs would be caught again and again, sometimes injured in the process, and would most likely continue to multiply.

- The counting of the dogs. 
The audit of the activity of the do catchers was a chimera. Nobody was really counting the dogs. Nobody knew how many dogs actually went through their hands, from capturing through incineration, especially since the documents for Protan (the incineration company) were filled out by the dog catchers themselves who approximated the weight of the bodies, filling in numbers with a lot of digits and even decimal points, and tried to make it match the number of dogs they claimed to have caught. It was very easy for them to claim for example they caught 5,000 dogs while in reality they caught half of that number. The dogs that (fictionally) entered the center were also supposed to (fictionally) leave the shelter. On June 25, 2009, according to the official documents, between 131 and 54 dogs were killed in Brasov. A witness and several documents point to the fact that only 90 animals were killed and that those dogs were from Victoria, Fagaras and a few other towns. In November 4, 2009, the Brasov dog catchers captured 46 dogs in Covasna. People from Covasna were told that the dogs were in the Brasov shelter and people from Brasov were told they were in the Covasna shelter, but the dogs were not found in either shelter. On June 1st 2010 the Brasov dog catchers caught 48 dogs in Sangeorgiu de Mures and transported them to the Reghin shelter. The Reghin shelter received and registered only 25 dogs.

Another way to make money was to manipulate the adoption numbers, especially the adoptions towards private shelters: adopted dogs were also counted as euthanatized. In 2008 at least 400 dogs were adopted from the Brasov dog catchers by the “Millions of friends” rescue association. In the official documents that number is 0!

Finally, another way was to modify the number of deceased dogs, by recording a smaller number than the real one and accordingly increase the number of euthanized dogs. For 2008, the shelter mortality as it resulted from official records was of 79 dogs, meaning a dog died every 4 days. In the first months of 2009, the mortality was of only 23 dogs, meaning a dog did every 8 days. In reality, the number of dogs that died in the shelter is much higher: at least 300-400 in 2008 and at least 150 in 2009. And there were also the dead dogs that were found in the city and which had to be, of course, euthanized.

Through all of these manipulations the animal control folks were gaining about 25-30 lei per dog, by either selling the substances for euthanasia or by writing fictional invoices, in complicity with folks from the veterinary supply deposits.

- PROTAN and how to incinerate public money. 
The incineration of a 20 kg dog costs 10 EURO (0.5 EURO/kg). Since most shelters don’t have weight scales and Protan reception documents specify that the quantity column should be filled out by the customer, the weight was eyeballed by the animal control folks. If you fictionally kill between 40 and 60 animals, you also need to approximate their weight and fictionally incinerate about 1,000kg, which brings Protan about $500 EURO.

If you extrapolate this schema to a whole year between 10,000 and 15,000 EURO were embezzled in Brasov only.

It was obvious that this whole embezzlement mechanism was accompanied by a long term strategy to keep the animals on the streets. When they were out hunting in other cities the dog catchers were catching everything they could get their hands on, especially dogs with owners or protectors and dogs that were sterilized and returned to their territory according to HG 955/2004. There were cases where dogs were taken while walking next to their owners or where the dog catchers went into people’s yards and took their dogs. A lot of the owners tried to negotiate a return fee smaller than the official one and eventually, especially in Bucharest, a “protection fee” paid to the dog catchers became the norm.

Although the problem of the aggressive dogs was supposedly the number one priority, the animal control folks rarely caught aggressive dogs. Instead they almost always took puppies and little, friendly dogs that were easy and safe to catch. This approach had the double benefit of keeping the dangerous dogs on the streets in order to perpetuate the “terror of the strays” while making the dog catchers appear as heroes and saviors in the eyes of the people.

Quarrels... in the "dogcatchers ' paradise"

At the end of December 2007 the Deputies Chamber voted a modification of the Animal Protection Law(205/2004) also known as "Marinescu's Law".Among other things, this law classifies animal cruelty as a crime punishable by law and prohibits the euthanasia of healthy cats or dogs.It seemed as if common sense and logic had won over the hundreds of mayors and dogcatchers (who during 8 years managed to "bury" aprox. 35 million euros in a mountain of stray corps).Also, during the same time, in December 2007, the Senate modified the law concerning the strays and replaced euthanasia with spay/neuter and returning to territory, according to the WHO's guidelines. AND NOW COMES THE "PROBLEM"....These two new legislative measures would have solved the strays problem, leaving all of those who made big money from the "stray business" without their huge profits!!!

The conspiracy

All the dogcatchers and their "official sponsors" quickly realized that if the new legislative proposals (PL912) will be presented to the ADP in spring 2008, the new law will become definitive, as approved by the Senate.Their only chance was to postpone and prolong this indefinitely. This would have given the dogcatchers plenty of time to still operate as before , the solution wouldn't have been applied and it would present later on as the perfect excuse to suggest euthanasia of all strays as the number of strays would have grown even more.Their evil plan worked, as the new legislative proposal (PL912) still has yet to be presented to ADP since 2008!

ANSVA , DSVSA and other public institutions

Although euthanasia had been abolished, majority of public administrations across country continued the mass killing of strays , using the most absurd justifications: suddenly, all strays became terminally ill (backed up by false documents produced by corrupt state employees)or using "personal interpretation " of the law. All this was going on with the silent approval of the official services for animal protection, just as corrupt as the public administrations: ANSVSA and DSVSA.

Thousands of strays were captured, the "lucky"ones being detained sometimes for a couple of weeks before their death in the official "shelters": filthy ,cold , very small cages, lying in their own feces, deprived of food and water, beaten and abused daily and then finally killed by untrained or uneducated dogcatchers, in the most cruel ways possible, suffering the most unimaginable pain till the last breath...

Anybody that get the chance to see some of their official evidence of these atrocities would be appalled by the gruesome mistakes used to justify what they did .

As many of these dogcatchers are paid by the local authorities , their only "enemy" are the NGO's. Therefore, they are doing their best to keep the NGO's as far away as possible, refusing any collaboration or cooperation with them.

The Almighty dogcatcher and his dark amendments..

About a year later, once a few people started complaining about their dirty business, the almighty dogcatchers across the country started to be concerned and thus considered it's the perfect time to start changing the law according to their interest.

The "chosen" one to formulate the new proposal of law was no other than Barbulescu Flavius ( famous for killing 30000 dogs in 8 years and having at least 6 legal complaints against him) , supported by Simona Panaitescu. Both of then had the "blessing" of Brasov's mayer, George Cripcaru, also known as "Dracula of dogs",prominent member of PDL (Democratic-Liberal Party) and a man used to manipulate the laws according to his best interests.

Barbulescu's new law proposal included mass euthanasia of strays , banning the NGO's any involvement in the dogcatchers or municipal shelters activity, obstructing adoptions by implementing severe fines for people feeding or taking care of strays on the streets

The evil plan

Once Barbulescu's "masterpiece" was finished, they needed someone to make it public. And who better than Bucharest's prefect , Mihai Atanasoaiei , well known for his embarrassing public speeches and appearances. After that, the game moved on to Elena Udrea and Sulfina Barbu.

Zanfir Iorgus (PDL) :"The best solution is spay/neuter...or Euthanasia...or better yet let the mayors decide!"

Sulfina Barbu:" I suggest that it should be mandatory by law that local administrations and NGO'S became partners.." .....that was all she had to say after all NGO's representatives explained and documented 453,17 arguments against the reintroduction of mass euthanasia of strays. They have showed her in ever way possible why mass killing of dogs is inefficient,inhumane, absurd, very expensive and not cost-effective compared to the alternative,against WHO's guidelines: They also showed her how during the last 7 years the officials did nothing to solve this problem the right way, how they delayed everything , didn't pass the law , abused the power they had, continued the killings and misused the taxpayers money.....


Their biggest weapon is the manipulation of the population through mass-media. Their "servant" PRO TV always "deliver" twisting the facts and lying out in the open without remorse, just as long as they can blame something on the strays (e.g. The case of a woman attacked by dogs in a private yard, because she entered the premises at night, without any authorization, presented to the public as a woman killed by strays. The same type of story happened again, a drunk woman was attacked by dogs who had owners, and they also blamed the strays for her death. Even after the official reports from the investigations were released, PRO TV never rectified their stories , apologized, on the contrary, everyday they try to find more things that they can blame the strays for...

And PRO TV is not the only one. There are other tv stations and newspapers in the same boat.

Elena Udrea
She is one of the biggest supporters of euthanasia of all strays, as a future candidate for the Mayor of Bucharest. She encourages the passing of the anti strays law, claiming that this is the "American"model, but failing to realize the HUGE differences between the two countries when it comes to animal welfare.


2007: The Senate votes PL 912/2007 that replaces the mass killing of strays with spay/neuter/release

2008: Animal Protection Law prohibits mass euthanasia.

ADP from Deputies Chamber blocks the discussion of this law for 3 YEARS!!!

Meanwhile, local authorities continue the killing and totally ignore the solution:spay/neuter/relea
se.They are officially breaking the law and try to cover for all who do that also. 

In Brasov, a German organization offered to spa/ neuter all the city's strays but were completely ignored by local authorities.

The only town were the mayor actually used spay/ neuter/release programs was Oradea, and the results are showing: in 6 years the population of strays decreased 8 times.

So after 3 long years of blocking PL912 from being approved, the politicians want now to "solve"the stray problem by mass killing!!!

Knowing very well that euthanasia is not a solution, they all want that as it is a guarantee for more dirty money to be made in the future from "the stray business". Spay/neuter/ return programs would only jeopardize their source of dirty profits!

On the 1st of March 2011, Sulfina Barbu sneaked in Atanasoaiei's new proposals of law(modifying PL912) which granted the mayors the liberty to decide on euthanasia or not. Animal lovers were protesting outside the Parliament's Building unnoticed...

On the 7th of March 2011 , when ADP tried to vote the "new and improved "PL912 with Atanasoaiei's proposals, a miracle happened:the deputies decided to return the law to the Commission to allow the NGO' s and Animal Welfare groups to be consultants and the law to be re-discussed after 3 weeks. 

This delay "caught by surprised" a lot of mayors too, who already counted on the mass euthanasia to be approved and were "ready" to take action, having everything ready do to "the job". And strangely enough , during these 3 weeks more and more cases of strays shot , poisoned, beaten to death, burned , abused and tortured appear every day , all over the country.

Thank you!

5 apr. 2011

Azi, 5 aprilie 2011! MITING PRO STERILIZARE!

Azi, 5 aprilie 2011, se votează soarta câinilor maidanezi din România.
Comisia pentru Administrație Publică votează între sterilizare și eutanasiere. Vă așteptăm la MITING, Marți, 5 aprilie ora 12:00 - Parcul Izvor, în fața Camerei Deputaților -"Alege VIAȚA" . Vă rugăm să faceți un ultim efort și să fiți prezenți acolo!

Dacă v-ați săturat de cruzime față de animale și, in același timp, de câini pe străzile orașelor, veniți la MITING!
Pentru că nu uitați: nici iubitorii de animale nu îi vor în stradă supuși cine știe căror pericole. Toți luptăm pentru aceeași cauză, numai că ei vor să ne dezbine.


3 apr. 2011

Possible only in Romania! More dogs shot!

These days, at Mihailesti (where was/is supposed to be built the largest shelter for strays), were brought several trucks full of stray dogs. After that, gunfires were heard all over the area.
Two ladies from that area announced the police because they didn't knew where the gunfires were coming from. They when the police came they went onto those death camps for strays. When the police officer came back he said to the lady: "Don't worry, nothing is happening, they're just shooting the dogs from the pound."

So yes, this is the REAL situation here! In front of us, at the TV they smile fake and say that everything will be ok, no dog will be killed while in the backstage dogs are killed brutally! This is how ROMANIAN AUTHORITIES are taking care of the problem.

They don't give a damn about the protests that people all over the world have done! They do what they want!
So France, Germany, Chicago, Austria: Romanian authorities DON'T GIVE A DAMN that you asked, in a civilized way, to stop these cruelties!

Dogs are still killed by our authorities. Period!

P.S: All these things are done in a covered way, so don't expect that news like that appear in the mass-media. They have to be clean in front of the world...

P.S.2: Remember this picture? Keep it in mind because you shall see many more like this one, these days, weeks, months...

2 apr. 2011

This is what they're voting for! WARNING! SHOCKING IMAGES!

    So yes, get used to these images after euthanasia will be legalized in Romania! Because after what I've heard, they don't care about what animal lovers have to say, about what NGO's have to say, about what other countries have to say. THEY DON'T CARE! Romania is rulled by BARBARIC AUTHORITIES!

    And think that there are THOUSANDS of animals in the same situation.
    These were saved thanks to an NGO, but there are thousands out there which don't get the same fate, which die unkown by anyone.

    Why they want to legalize euthanasia? Why they don't care? Because they've already put the bussiness on wheels. The rumors say that the godson of the Romanian president can't wait for them to approve the euthanasia because he has many killing shelters waiting to be filled with dogs and he's also waiting for the money he'll get from the authorities after he'll catch the dogs.
    So imagine the tons of cash they'll earn on the back of these poor souls! Just IMAGINE!
But of course, Romanian press doesn't tell us about that. They're hiding it! The common citizen doesn't know about that because many citizens of Romania think that they'll be humanely put to sleep. Well, guess again...
    Romanian media is leading a strong campagin anti-animals from which they misinform the population, who, as I told you, don't know what it's happening there or some, who know, don't care! Because thanks to the Romanian press and authorities, we have many psychos out there! They just enjoy harming and torturing animals. That's what Media learn them! To be violent, uncompasionate, cruel! While animal lovers have to fight against all these factors... Incompetent and bad willed authorities, psychopats, mass-media, uninformed population and so on.
    So yes, THIS will be the ROMANIA that tourist will visit!
    Like it?
    I sure don't!
    But this is what you'll get to see when euthanasia will be legalized!
    Cruelties, hartless people, blood... Inocent creatures that are going to be sacrified for the material interests of some good put relatives of the politicians!


1 apr. 2011

While Bulgaria chooses mass sterilization, Romanian authorities are about to choose MASS KILLING.

Yes, my dears, Bulgaria gives us another example on how they can do it and Romania can't.
Today I found out that Bulgaria chooses to adopt sterilization as a way to solve the problems of strays. I wonder why? But in the same time I think I have the answer. The corruption is not as big as in Romania, I bet!

While Romanian authorities are occupied with mass manipulation of the population with the aid of mass-media, Bulgaria gives us another lesson on how problems can be taken care of.

Of course, in Bulgaria I don't think, as I have told you before, that are so many interests as in our country. Few people know why they insist on this thing, on euthanasia (aka burned and burried alive, beaten to death with crowbars or any metal, injected with brake liquid and so on), as the authorities have their way of conceal that.

Well, as I've told you, the big jack-pot here are the money, TONS! Imagine only how much money they will get from the EU (which I'm wondering WHAT are they doing? Are they blind?) as irredeemable funds to kill those dogs and those dogs, instead of being putting to sleep, as they should be, in case they adopt this law, will be beaten to death and money will go into big fat pockets!

The last thing they wanna do know is gather signatures from the population regarding this law but let me tell you how they do it!

For example, in Moreni, Romania, the mayor - who is a big animal hater -, has put an annoucement that he wants to gather as many signatures as possible in the name of Atanasoaie Cristian, sheriff of Bucharest, regarding the law 205/2004 and 9/2008 for Animal Protection. But my question is, WHAT ANIMAL PROTECTION?!
They lie to the people in an abjective way! They are taking advantage of the fact that people don't know the law and they are gathering signatures from people who, withouth knowing it, will agree with the euthanashia.

Becasue when people will see Animal Protection, they will think that they are signing for a thing in which violence and brutal killings are now allowed.
But, they will have a big surprise when they'll see their signatures on a list of the people who agree with euthanasia as a solution to the problem of strays.

Interesting, isn't it? How authorities are working in my beloved country.

As a matter a fact, why am I surprised, because bigger plans are around this tiny country, that the population doesn't even dream about!

Oh, another abjective thing they do is that they put spies on social networks like Facebook, to find out where are animals that people are saving and puting for adoption, so they can go and take them into public shelters where they'll die by starvation or bitten to death by others, which are also starving to death.

I am wondering when corruption will end in Romania? WHEN?! Why a country that initially, was said to be even more down than Romania, is giving us lessons of how things should be done and shouldn't be done?

SHAME on you Romania, BRAVO to you BULGARIA!